Spray Tanning Title Nanaimo

Tahitian Tea
30, 2 for 55

Moroccan Mineral
37, 2 for 66

Nanaimo Spray Tan TT

Experience a truly believable Tahitian beach bronzed body with Tahitian Tea. This natural, island colour is beautifully consistent on all skin types. A truly rich, deep Tahitian bronze tone, accented with light sun kissed golden undertones, and no hint of red or orange. As you bask in the light envigorating scent of refreshing Spa Mint, your body is transported to the beaches of the South Pacific for a sinfully cinnamon bronzed glow. This formula is fortified with antioxidants and vitamins for supreme hydration and a rich caramel colour that will get you hooked.

Key Ingredients: DHA, Wheat Amino Acids, Comfrey, Penthenol (Vitamin B5) Copper PCA
Darkness: medium-dark

Nanaimo Spray Tan TN
This is a darker, deeper and more luxurious version of the Tahitian Tea. It was created for medium to dark skin type clients that crave extreme bold, brown developed colour that looks sensational on the skin. This formula is bursting with rich cocoa bean colour without any red or orange effects. An ideal choice for clients who want to go as dark as possible that is favourite among entertainers and models.

Key Ingredients: DHA, Sodium PCS, Comfrey, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin A,C and E, Wheat Amino Acids, Penthenol (Vitamin B5)

Darkness: dark

Nanaimo Spray Tan MM
This tan is sumptuous withMoisture, bronze lustre and pristine longevity.Contains the most exceptional skin care ingredients for luxurious sunless tanning services. Tan develops so naturally, it creates the illusion of an almond skin tone - even on the fairest complexions.

Key Ingredients: Eco-Certified DHA, Aloe Vera, Moroccan Argan Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Penthenol (Vitamin B5), Green Tea, Red Roobis Tea

Darkness: medium-dark

Nanaimo Spray Tan Tanning in Nananimo