Nanaimo Massage in Nanaimo

Custom Massage
Whether you desire a deeply relaxing experience, a more invigorating treatment or something in between, a brief consultation prior to your treatment will result in the perfect massage for you.

Half Hour

One Hour

One and Half Hours

Two Hours

Hot Stone Massage
A mixture of a Relaxation Massage with the use of smooth, heated, flat stones to achieve much deeper muscle penetration. Stones are placed on key points of the body for a deeply relaxing experience, as well as warming up tight muscles which allows the practitioner to work deeper in the tissue.

One Hour

One and Half Hour

Two Hour

Back Facial

A one hour massage with the added benefit of cleansing and exfoliating, followed by a generous application of a Seaflora mask and thorough moisturizing.

One Hour

*Note* Please let us know about any health risks prior to your massage appointment

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